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About John Tommervik. Graphic Designer, Art Director, Photographer, Copywriter, SEO & Internet Marketer & Game Designer.

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Graphic Designer. Art Director. Photographer. Copywriter. SEO & Internet Marketer. Game Designer.

John Tommervik is a well-rounded creative with over 10 years of experience working in the industry. This experience includes working directly with nearly a hundred clients as well as working with several brands including BMW, NKL Lottery, SCA, Target and more.

Projects include brand identity, company & product logo design, stationary design, brochure & catalog design, website design, package design, event poster design, t shirt design, event photography, SEO & internet marketing, video game design, and more.

For more information or questions about graphic design, advertising, and other creative services: E-MAIL or call: 253.380.4380.